[WATCH] CNN’s David Frum About Journalism: “The Mistakes Are Precisely Why People Should Trust The Media”

CNN”s David Frum on Journalism

David Frum seems to have a different view of the media, or at least different expectations than we all have of the media. I like my news to be verified, vetted, and fact checked, before it is delivered to me for consumption. But according to David Frum, reporting the news is a process, one that apparently has a litany of mistakes and those mistakes are apparently crucial to the end result.

The way CNN makes news is that a CNN reporter will get a story that they believe to be true, and they will just publish it. They will doctor up the news, write details about the story, then publish it, without truly fact checking, and see how the news lands.

If the news turns out to be untrue, or fabricated to the point where CNN is called out for the original news, then it backtracks and apologizes, and changes it’s story, but the damage is already done. For a decent percentage of the population, they will never see the apology or the follow up tweet, so they are still under the impression that the first news article is correct.

This happened just the other day, as a CNN reporter tweeted a picture of a venue set to host a Trump rally before the event was set to start, and he noted all the open seats at the rally, attempting to indicate that nobody was showing up to the Trump rallies.

Trump then went on twitter himself to call out the reporter, stating that the reporter took a picture way before the event was going to start, and the event was actually sold out, to which the reporter has to go back and retract his original statement. This is why we wait until we have verified facts before we release news, it’s not a discovery process that the public should be privy to, the public deserves the finished product or nothing.