Trump’s ‘Obama Bombshell’ Has America’s Judges Calling For Arrest

Donald Trump has been very vocal in his accusations that President Obama did not always go by Barack. In a recent interview, Obama was asked whether or not he liked politics.

“I love this job and here’s I think a fair statement: If your name is Barack Hussein Obama, you, you had to have like politics in order to get into this office,” the President responded.

“Well, that wasn’t his name,” Trump responded to the comment. “His name was Barry Soetoro and that was his name and he changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama. And, you know, it shows everything about this man people don’t get. And you know, it’s an incredible statement. He makes that statement and, frankly, you know, it’d be OK if he didn’t make this statement. But he made this statement and his original name was a very different name.”

Trump went on to answer the question for Obama, claiming that he doesn’t love his job, but instead loves “flying around and playing gold on Air Force One.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.