Trump Rips Obama, Bill Clinton And George Bush Limb From Limb With A Single Video

Donald Trump made history this week as he started the process of moving the U.S. embassy located in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the newly recognized capital of Israel.

The decision to move the embassy marks a major decision by the Trump administration that will have a major impact globally. The move solidifies Jerusalem as the undisputed capital of Israel and counties around the world had mixed responses. Russian recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital one day after the U.S.

Friday morning, president Trump took to twitter to share a video compilation of former presidents promising to also recognize Jerusalem as the capital. The video included Bush, Clinton, and Obama all promising during their campaigns that they would be moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, the true capital of Israel, but weird that none of the followed through on their promise right?

Trump is solidifying a strong U.S. ally in the middle east by declaring Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and as mentioned earlier, there are mixed reactions globally.

While Russia and other European countries may be quick to take up Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, other countries in the middle east specifically are sure to be unhappy about the declaration.

Trump has been strong in dealing with the middle east until this point in his presidency, but he has yet to be truly tested. There is sure to be a radical islamic response to the United States backing Israel in such a public fashion and I’m sure the Trump administration has anticipated that and are working to combat that situation.

Every president in the past 20 years has promised to make the move of the embassy to Jerusalem, but only Trump has the gall to make the move, knowing there could be a potential backlash from other countries.