Trey Gowdy Just Went On Live TV To DEMOLISH Obama’s Last Hopes!

In an interesting disclosure, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) appeared on Fox News and told their host Brett Baier the truth about Samantha Power testifying to the House that there are an unmasked requests that she didn’t make.

This leads to the fact that someone else has made un unmasked requests in Power’s name. From my point of view, John Brennan is primary suspect for doing this cheeky move.

What you are about to watch is Trey Gowdy demolishing Comey, Lynch and Samantha Power
Watch the video below:

Trey Gowdy basically crushed them with his patriotic knowledge.

Apparently, on Friday, Samantha Power, a former UN Ambassador had a meeting with House officials about unmaskings of Trump Administration officials.


As Liberty Writers reported:

“Samantha Power is in the final months of the Obama administration and unmasked more than one person for every working day in 2016.

Power used her position to spy on political opponents. The worst part is that the media isn’t even talking about this. Thank God for Trey Gowdy for going after these criminals.”

Recently a congressional testimony took place in which the whole unmasking controversy started. National Security Agency Director Adm. Mike Rogers explained to the public that the unmasking is in progress and will be done by the intelligence community independently.

“We [the NSA] apply two criteria in response to their request: number one, you must make the request in writing. Number two, the request must be made on the basis of your official duties, not the fact that you just find this report really interesting and you’re just curious,” – he stated.

“It has to tie to your job and finally, I said two but there’s a third criterion, and is the basis of the request must be that you need this identity to understand the intelligence you’re reading.” – he finished

Previous U.N. ambassadors have made unmasking requests, but Fox News was told they number in the low double digits.

However, Power agreed to attend the meeting with the Senate and House intelligence committee in an aspect of the newest Russia probe. She will be meeting the House committee in private in the end of October.

Trey Gowdy really showed them who is the boss here!

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