AGAIN: Top Democrat Paid $48,395 With Taxpayers Money To Make Sure Staffer Kept It Shut

Yet another Democrat, this one on the House Committee on Natural Resources, has been accused of sexually harassing a female staffer and using taxpayer money to pay the woman off. Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva is being accused of being often drunk at work, and creating a hostile work environment.

The secret deal with a former female staffer was revealed by The Washington Times on Monday. The payout was negotiated by the House Employment Counsel, the body’s attorney, and cost taxpayers $48,395.

The settlement, however, may have violated House rules, The Times reported. It’s against House rules for a lawmaker to retain “an employee who does not perform duties for the offices of the employing authority commensurate with the compensation such employee receives.”

Grijalva’s payout also should have been handed over in a lump sum, as opposed to monthly installments, according to the Times. The taxpayers had to foot the bill on a 5 month severance package for this woman, because another democrat couldn’t keep his hands off a co worker.

“On the advice of House Employment Counsel, I provided a severance package to a former employee who resigned,” Grijalva told The Times in a statement.

“The severance did not involve the Office of Compliance and at no time was any allegation of sexual harassment made, and no sexual harassment occurred,” Grijalva said.

“Under the terms of the agreement, had there been an allegation of sexual harassment, the employee would have been free to report it,” he said. “Regrettably, for me to provide any further details on this matter would violate the agreement.”

After just 3 months on the job, Grijalva made this young woman’s life at work so unbearable she needed to leave and threatened to sue. I find it very hard to believe that Grijalva did nothing wrong here, those democrats have a thing for the female staffers.