Stephen Colbert Gets The Most Brutal Wakeup Call Of His Entire Career After Vicious Attack On Trump

Earlier this month, Late Show host Stephen Colbert came under fire for making a homophobic joke about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin on live television. Now, his actions are coming back to haunt him in a major way.

In the controversial segment, Colbert commented that Trump’s mouth was only good for performing oral sex on Putin. Afterward, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said that the commission would be investigating Colbert’s show. This week, IJ Review sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the FCC, and they just got their response.

“We located over 5,700 complaints regarding the above program,” the response letter read. “We are providing 100 samples of the complaints we located.”

This is not good news for Colbert, especially since both sides of the political aisle have a problem with his actions. What do you think? Should Colbert be fired for his reckless language?