“Snowflake” Obama Must Have Melted Completly After Seeing Trump’s New Christmas Decorations

Candidate Trump promised many times on the campaign trail that, as president, he would have America saying “Merry Christmas” again, a term that has been under attack in recent years because some feel the term is exclusionary for those not Christian.

Trump has definitely come through on that promise, when the Trump’s released their official Christmas card, you can bet the words “Merry Christmas” were embroidered in gold front and center on the card.

Barrack Obama sent out eight official Christmas cards during his time in office, and not one said “Merry Christmas.”

The emphasis on “Merry Christmas” was not lost on the White House decorators either, as all throughout the White House, the phrase is used, a clear jab at the political correctness of the Obama era.

When you enter the White House for a Christmas tour, one of the first things you see is a selection of Christmas cards from various eras and administrations. The cards vary in style and size and are in shadow boxes on the wall.

The final shadow box contains all of Obama’s Christmas cards. Mounted above them? The Christmas card from the Trump family. With the golden “Merry Christmas” on full display.

“Merry Christmas” is back in this year, and Trump doesn’t care who takes issue with it, and I love it. In this country there is a shift to erase the history of this country that isn’t shared and that’s not okay. America has had it’s ups and downs, and needs to be celebrated for both. “Merry Christmas” is an American staple and what the vast majority of the country grew up saying, and Christmas is such a nostalgic holiday, to change that iconic phrase because not everybody who chose to move to this country recognizes the phrase is not okay.