Just when you thought CNN couldn’t go any further with their race baiting, they prove you wrong.

On Wednesday, CNN wrote a puff-piece about a group called ‘White Nonsense Roundup’, and it’s pretty damn bizarre. This ‘advocacy group’ is a group of 100 white volunteers who will argue against other white people who talk about race on Facebook with people of color. (Yes, really)

At first, we thought this was some sort of joke, but its a FEATURED ARTICLE on Check out this screenshot from CNN:

CNN quotes the leader of the group saying that “White people are responsible for talking to other white people about racism“.

CNN also says that this service is meant to “curb the ‘exhausting’ nature of educating white people”. (Yep, this is right on their website folks!)

Here’s just a few snippets from CNN’s glowing article about the group:

White Nonsense Roundup is a social media watchdog group with about 100 white volunteers. Its goal: to relieve people of color from the emotional labor of engaging with a person’s racist or racially insensitive thoughts.

Say, a person of color makes a post about Black Lives Matter. Then others respond with ignorant or offensive comments. That person can tag White Nonsense RoundUp to snatch some edges — or, better put, to educate people with context and fact-based views.

Think of it like roadside assistance for social media debates you’re tired of having.

“It’s really unfair that we expect people of color to experience racism, but then also explain it to us,” the group’s co-founder Terri Kempton, a book editor and college instructor, told CNN.

“I thought, ‘What about if we take on some of that emotional labor or burden?’” Kempton said. “Because white people are responsible for talking to other white people about racism.”

Isn’t it sad that the media has stooped this low? Comment below…