Sean Hannity Just Issued War On George Soros! See How Soros Is Trying To Silence Conservative News!

George Soros has been working behind the scenes for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party with his PAC’s and group Media Matters that pressures companies and organizations even as big as Fox News to try and silence the conservative voice.

That is appears to be exactly what billionaire George Soros’s group Media Matters is doing to Sean Hannity.

Hannity is claiming that George Soros is pressuring the radio and TV advertisers with Media Matters to pull their money from Fox News in order to silence the conservative voice.


It is time to show George Soros the Conservatives stick together and don’t leave their own when the Democrats try and work in the shadows.

George Soros is the money man behind the Democrats and he is one of the biggest threats against freedom of speech in this country and now he is going after the strongest bastion of common sense and conservative views in the country, Fox News.

We can’t let George Soros mess with the conservative voice!

We have to stop him and show that we stick together and don’t scatter in the wind like the DNC.

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H/T The Gateway Pundit