Sean Hannity Gets DEVASTATING News After Mentioning Something That Could Get Him Fired

Sean Hannity has hit rough waters. The left wants to silence Sean Hannity. The left are trying to put pressure on his advertisers and want to take him out like they did Bill O’Reilly. Here is the live stream below of tonight’s huge episode.

Here is the live stream

*** We won’t let them! We can’t let the left silence our voices. See what he said below.


It all comes back to this video that he ran about the interesting case of Seth Rich.

Fox News Channel retracted the May 16 story that suggested that Seth Rich was assassinated in Washington DC.

Sean Hannity is getting targeted for standing up and being the only reporter to even talk about the Seth Rich killing.


Sean Hannity is gonna need our prayers. He is gonna need them because the wicked, wicked liberals are trying to wipe conservatives off the air it seems. Share this right now if you want Sean Hannity to stay!

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