Robert Mueller Was Hiding An Explosive Secret That Changed Everything

Robert Mueller rocked Washington when he dropped a 37-page indictment against 13 Russian nationals for alleged election interference.

The media treated it as the smoking gun that could finish Trump for good.

But Mueller was hiding an explosive secret that just changed everything.

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Upon closer examination, the indictment was not much of a bombshell.

It flatly stated no Americans were knowingly involved in any illegal activities.

And it threw a wet blanket on the whole collusion conspiracy.

Journalist Paul Sperry also noted other interesting facts.

The indictment did not mention the Russian government or any intelligence operation they may have conducted.

These 13 nationals were not identified as spies or agents of the Kremlin.

The indictment also made zero references to hacked emails.


Mueller will also never have to prove his charges in court.

The Russian nationals – and the companies they worked for – will never stand trial because they are not in the United States.

So no evidence to back up any claims Mueller made will ever be evaluated by a jury.

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Mueller’s indictment was for show.

It was his attempt to breathe life into his witch hunt to take down the President and subvert the will of the voters.