Right After Trump’s Afghanistan Speech, Paul Ryan Did Something To Save Trump’s Presidency

Last night was President Trump’s big announcement on the Afghanistan war. However, the biggest shocker of all was what Paul Ryan did FOR the President in his CNN Town Hall right after Trump’s speech…

Speaker Ryan promised he would NOT back Democrat attempts to censure President Trump!

When one of the participants pushed Ryan to tell if he would support Nancy Pelosi’s Congressional Censure of Trump over, Charlottesville, he gave an unequivocal “No” followed by:

“It should not be about the the president. This is not about Republicans or Democrats. This shouldn’t be about some vote in Congress or some partisan issue. This is so much more important than that. This issue speaks to humanity, our country, our society, our culture. Every single one of us needs to unify against this repulsive, repugnant, vile bigotry. That is so important.”

Well, I may not be a Paul Ryan fan, per say, but he is 100% right. The left once to make this a political issue when the REAL issue is the fact that hate groups from both sides clashed with weapons in Charlottesville. That is not a Republican issue, that’s an AMERICAN issue.

Although, it is worth saying that True conservatives could never support Antifa, Neo-Nazis, KKK, white supremacy or any of them because we believe in small government and freedoms for all. Those groups are technically all “left-wing” for that reason.

But, semantics aside, it’s great to have Ryan standing up for the President. Show him some real thanks so others join in by sharing this out everywhere.