Right As Trump Landed In Phoenix, He Walked Up To Marines And Did The UNBELIEVABLE

President Trump loves the American armed forces. The Commander-in-Chief has taken time out of his packed schedule in Arizona to meet with US Marines in Yuma. He is such an awesome President. He always, always makes it a point to meet with our troops and show appreciation. Here’s the video below by ABC News.

President was greeted with tons of cheers ahead of the Phoenix rally. You will not see that video on CNN.

Today, ABC News reported that Trump had a scheduled visit in the Marine Corps base beside the Arizona- Mexico border.


This Trump’s first rally in Phoenix. that he is about to have in the West. It’s going to be a big deal. He’s gonna announce giving this country a better deal.

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You can see it on those troop’s faces. This country is coming back stronger than ever. God bless our troops.