Rand Paul Destroys John Mccain For Betraying Trump And America

John McCain outraged conservatives everywhere recently when he compared President Donald Trump to a dictator, claiming that we are at risk of the American people supporting a dictator and helping him to power. Rand Paul was so disgusted by McCain’s comments, he made it very clear that a Trump presidency is far better than a McCain one would be.

“I think Senator McCain’s perspective is colored by his disagreements with President Trump on foreign policy,” Paul commented in an interview with ABC. “If I were to look at foreign policy, I would say John McCain has been wrong on just about everything over the last four decades.”

“But just to clarify, what McCain said specifically is dictators get started by limiting freedom of the press,” the reporter pushed back. “I imagine you agree with that.”

“Well, the thing is, I don’t agree with his analysis and applying that to the president,” Paul responded. “I haven’t seen any legislation coming forward that wants to limit the press. I see President Trump expressing his opinion, rather forceful in his own—you know, his own distinct way. But I see no evidence that anybody is putting forward any kind of legislation to limit the press.”

Paul then doubled down on his initial claim.

“You know, this is colored by John McCain’s disagreement with President Trump. It all is. Everything that he says about the president is colored by his own personal dispute he has got running with President Trump,” Paul concluded. “And it should be taken with a grain of salt because John McCain is the guy that has advocated for way everywhere. He would bankrupt the nation. And actually, we’re very lucky John McCain is not in charge because I think we would be in perpetual war.”

Watch the full segment below and tell us what you think.