Obama’s Lavish Euro Vacation Comes To Screeching Halt After Getting This Horrible News

The Obamas continued their arrogant behavior last week when they traveled to Italy at the same time as President Trump, who was there for his first foreign trip since taking office. After their European trips ‘coincidentally’ lined up, the Obamas returned to the states to some very bad news.

According to new reports, Judicial Watch has obtained records from the Secret Service and the Air Force in response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests that prove the Obama family travel cost taxpayers a grand total of $99,714,527.82.

Here is what the new records show, courtesy of The Patriot Beacon:

• The March 2014 trip to Key Largo during Spring Break – where the First Family stayed at the exclusive Ocean Reef Club – cost the Secret Service $247,827.50: $182,120.33 for hotels and $65,707.17 in travel expenses. The total cost of that trip with previously released $885,683 in flight costs from the Air Force is $1,133,510.50.

• Other documents show that Michelle Obama’s February 2015 Aspen vacation cost the Secret Service a total of $64,807.41: $47,109.28 for hotels, $3,559.43 in rental cars and $14,138.70 in other travel expenses. The total cost of the trip with$57,068.80 in flight costs from previously released Air Force records is $121,876.21.
• Judicial Watch released documents from the Air Force concerning the 2016-2017 Obama family Christmas trip to Honolulu showing 17.9 hours flying at $142,380 per hour, bringing the total flight cost to $2,548,602.

Judicial Watch has also reportedly filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for Secret Service records associating with Obama’s travel schedule since leaving the White House. The lawsuit is seeking, “All records of former President Barack Obama’s movements, schedule, activities, and/or meeting for January 21, 2017, through March 21, 2017. Such records include, but are not limited to, U.S. Secret Service schedules and activity reports.”