Obama Officials Mobilized To Manipulate Media Narrative Ahead Of Investigations Into Hezbollah Scandal

Obama has his friends in the media on a mission to cover up this Hezbolla investigation interference story that has surfaced recently. The same men Obama used to sell the Iran deal to the public is now being used to cover his tracks on it as it’s been revealed how persistent Obama was in trying to derail the Hezbollas investigation.

According to the bombshell piece that was dropped by Politico, the Obama administration consistently gave Hezbolla a pass in order to preserve the possibility of getting the Iran deal done. Hezbolla is a terrorist group supported by Iran so naturally Obama wanted to keep the group alive until he was able to close the deal with Iran.

Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, two Republicans on the House oversight committee, announced a congressional investigation into the scandal on Thursday, requesting that the department of justice release all documents on the subject.

Other Obama officials, including former National Security Council officials Tommy Vietor and Ned Price, have mobilized to spin an exculpatory media narrative ahead of coming investigations into the scandal.

Organizations funded by the Ploughshares Fund, a left-wing donor group that helped the Obama administration manufacture positive Iran deal coverage, have pushed a similar narrative.


Rhodes, Vietor and Price have been “blatantly lying” about the story since it broke, Politico reporter Josh Meyer stated Wednesday night.

“You’ve either not read it or are willfully disregarding the many other people quoted, the documents people can link to and the obvious facts,” Meyer said in a series of tweets addressed to the trio.

“I’m compiling a list of [questions] to post for you guys, and for the congressional hearings,” Meyer said.

Rhodes bragged to the New York Times last year that he duped reporters who “literally know nothing” into helping him create an “echo chamber” around the Iran deal.