Newt Gingrich Just Let Everyone In On Trump’s Little Secret And Made Every Democrat Cry

Former Speaker of the House and regular Trump defender Newt Gingrich got on Fox News Monday to talk about President Trump’s biggest accomplishments so far. One interesting fact that people tend to forget about is the huge number of conservative judges President Trump has been able to nominate to the judiciary, not even including Supreme Court Justice Niel Gorsuch.

Here’s what Gingrich said:

“In a little while –another year or two– lots of reasonable people are going to start saying they don’t quite like some of his style, but he [Donald Trump] is really effective…“

“You look at the conservative judges: He and McConnell have collaborated, they’ve had twice as many judges approved so far as Obama got in the same length of time, and they are conservative, and they are on average eight or nine years younger than the Obama judges.“

That’s right, folks. President Trump’s judges are nearly a decade younger than Obama’s- that means on average they’re going to be around for a whole lot longer. You do NOT hear about this so much in the news because these nominations happen without much fanfare and the mainstream media probably absolutely hates it. As Gingrich said:

“He’s shaping the next generation of the judiciary. All these things are happening in a methodical way.”

Check out his whole interview here. As always with Newt Gingrich, it’s a must watch!

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(h/t Real Clear Politics)