NAACP Forces President Trump To ‘SKIP’ Civil Rights Museum Opening! – The Reason Will Enrage You!

Once again, we are forced to see how liberal mainstream media attacks President Trump at will without any consequence what so ever. Today, they questioned Trump’s personal feelings about the concept of fair elections.

As well as I know, liberals were the ones that ended up guilty in the Presidential elections. We all can take a minute to remember what happened with the extra voters on Democrat side and so on. They don’t have the decency to say such things.

Via Breitbart:

“On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “OutFront,” NAACP President Derrick Johnson stated President Trump’s planned attendance at the opening of a civil rights museum in Mississippi is an “affront” to those the museum is designed to honor in part because the president doesn’t support “open and fair elections to ensure that all citizens have the right to vote.”

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Derrick Johnson said, “I will not be there tomorrow. And his attendance is a distraction from us having an opportunity to honor true Americans, who sacrificed so much to ensure that democracy worked. It is unfortunate. In fact, it’s an affront to those individuals who fought for voting rights, to ensure that people had quality education, and quality access to health care we’ll be celebrating. Those are principles this president do not support, with his voting commission. He doesn’t support open and fair elections to ensure that all citizens have the right to vote.”

Who is Derrick Johnson to make such claims? He is the last person to make claims that Trump does not support open and fair election when he himself is a perfect example of fair elections and how the people overthrow rigged elections.

Well, what is ironical is that every time they are caught in something, they blame Republicans for the very same thing, if they can grab for something, as usual, they invent the drama. Classic liberals.

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