MONTHS After Threatening To Assassinate Trump, Johnny Depp Just Got Hit With The Worst News Of His Life

Johnny Depp is a big failure. He is not doing well in Hollywood and keeps on making shitty movies – oops pardon my language.

Johnny Depp has been attacking Trump supporters on and off for a while. The worst thing he did was joke about assassinating the President. Remember that sick moment? Watch below.

It’s hard not to want to throw up after watching that. Now, check out how bad Johnny Depp got hit with Karma.

Johnny Depp is facing foreclosures on his homes for a $5M loan that he took out. He is now refusing to pay his debts as well, according to MSN. It seems that Depp went off the deep end and isn’t making money anymore.

From MSN: “Aiming for the heart of what started the lawsuits flying back in January when the actor went after TMG in a $25 million fraud suit, the move Monday is to force a sale of five Los Angeles properties owned by Depp run trusts. Those sales are part of a larger play to repay a $5 million loan TMG made to the strapped actor in December 2012.”

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Don’t let the door hit you on the way out of the movie industry.