Michelle Obama Gets Brutally Shamed… But Look Who Did It

It’s no secret there’s a lot of infighting within the Democratic party right now but what wasn’t exactly public knowledge is just how long the fighting has been going on. Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama always seemed to be strong supporters of each other right? Well after more of Clinton’s released e-mails were uncovered that may not be the case quite so much, check out some of the infighting that happens behind closed doors:

Hillary Clinton asked a top aide in 2011 whether she could fly on a separate airplane from former first lady Michelle Obama to Betty Ford’s funeral, according to a newly released email.

Judicial Watch released on Thursday more than 2,000 emails from Clinton’s unauthorized private email server she used as secretary of state. One of the documents revealed a conversation between Clinton and then-Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin about how she would rather not ride the same plane as Obama en route Ford’s funeral in Palm Desert, Calif.

“I’d be honored to speak,” Clinton said in reference to Betty Ford’s funeral. “Is it OK that we and Mrs. O take two separate planes?”

The recent email release allegedly shows Clinton receiving and sending more classified information via her private unsecured server. Many of the conversations revolve around the individuals involved with the Clinton Foundation receiving favors from Abedin.

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What do you think? Does this give a good insight into the two faced politics that the Democrats engage in? Whether you like Trump or not one thing about him is clear: you know exactly where you stand with him. Do you think the Democrats need to clean up their act? Let us know in the comments!