Melania Trump’s Popularity Rises, Most Americans View Her Favorably, According To Poll

First Lady Melania Trump’s favorability rating has increased 17 points since January to 54%, a new poll Gallup showed.

Only one -third of Americans claimed they have an unfavorable view of the first lady, whereas 13 percent of Americans say they had no opinion.

On “Fox & Friends First,” Andy Och, an author and expert on the history of America’s first ladies, said that there is perfectly good explanation that her favorability jumped: “The more we see of her, the more we like her.”

He made it clear that she got a later start than some previous first ladies, as she waited for her son, Barron Trump, to finish the school year in New York City before she moved into the White House.

He said that after she moved to D.C. in June, the first lady has started maintaining greater public presence since she has gotten included in her husband’s administration.

Och added that condemnation of Mrs. Trump’s White House Christmas decorations may have represented a decisive moment in how people viewed the first lady.

“People on both sides of the aisle were saying, ‘Why don’t we leave Christmas out of this? And no matter what your politics are, we don’t have to destroy and tear down the first lady for her decorations,’” Och said, arguing that people are simply tired of the biased, negative coverage.

Although it was noticed improvement in Mrs. Trump’s favorability, she still rates behind other first ladies at generally equivalent points in time. Michelle Obama (61 percent), Laura Bush (77 percent) and Hillary Clinton (58 percent) all had higher favorable ratings in the fall of their husband’s first year in office.


Meanwhile, according to a poll, majority of Americans viewed President Trump unfavorably. 56 percent view the president unfavorably, while 41 percent view him favorably.

The Gallup poll of 1,049 adults was performed Dec. 4-11 via landlines and cellphones with a margin of error of 4 percentage points.