Melania Trump Kept Hidden A Secret Troll To Michelle Obama In Her White House Decorations

When Melania Trump made public her Christmas decorations for the White House this year, there were some haters criticizing the decorations and describing them as being “scary” and “nightmarish.” But, since Melania’s favorability ratings jumped, Melania would be the last to laugh.

Previosly this year, according to The Daily Caller, Melania Trump has left a secret message for the Obama family, combining their Christmas cards together for visitors to see.

Now, if you look a little bit closer, you will be able to notice a little troll left for former first lady Michelle Obama. Obama was well-known for her healthy eating push over her time as first lady. The Let’s Move campaign prohibited calories for school lunches and suggested healthier diets. Most of the rules applying for school lunches have since been pushed back by the Trump administration.

And while chocolate milk is now being put back in school menu, it seems like candy is also being brought back in the White House.

Actually, if you look a little bit closer, you will see that an entire room in the White House has been decorated by Melania in pure candy.

FACT CHECK: We are all aware that Michelle Obama decorated cookies in the White House for Christmas. There is photographic evidence. We aren’t trying to say that the
former first lady hadn’t show having a Christmas spirit, but decorating a room as Candy Land is further improve.

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