While Libs Are Destroying Confederate Statues, Trump Wants To Bring Down The Only Statue That Will Make Hillary Furious

In 1999, the White House honored Hillary Clinton with a plaque for all of her worldwide contributions. When George Bush came into office however, it was hid from public view.

According to Freedom Daily, the gigantic 9 feet tall by 6 feet wide 800-pound bronze plaque resurfaced when Barack Obama came to power. He even had it put on a marble wall in the lobby of the U.S. Agency for International Development in the Reagan Building.

Insiders of the president say that he really wants to take the plaque down as soon as possible and hopefully do away with the shrine once and for all.

The plaque contains many impressions, including a quote from J. Brian Atwood, former-USAID administrator, “May all who pass through these portals recognize the invaluable contribution to worldwide development made by the First Lady of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Recently, an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of information on her private email system during her time as Secretary of State has been reopened by the Department of Justice as reported by Newsmax. If Clinton agrees to plead guilty as well as admit that she broke the law, the DOJ is willing to offer her a plea bargain. How hard could it be, right?

Although Director James Comey did not follow through with his charges against Clinton last July, the DOJ found enough evidence to prosecute her on numerous counts. A plea bargain was offered to Clinton’s lawyer last month by a high-ranking Justice Department official.

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