Leaked! Obama’s Ties Fully Exposed, CIA Official Reveals Barack Obama’s Plans To Destroy America And Proves President Trump 100% Right

Clare M. Lopez is persuaded Obama is attempting to bring down America as we probably are aware it. Previous CIA employee, Clare M. Lopez, was not only a pencil pusher with a work area work for our legislature. She was the Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy and a Senior Fellow at The Clarion Project, the London Center for Policy Research, and the Canadian Meighen Institute.

That is a significant resume! So when you read what she stated, this can’t in any way, shape or form be originating from a position of wildness. It’s entirely genuine.

Via Yes I’m Right:

Since 2013, she has served as a member of the Citizens Commission on Benghazi. She was also a Vice-President of the Intelligence Summit, she was formerly a career officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, a professor at the Center for Counterintelligence and Security Studies, Executive Director of the Iran Policy Committee from 2005-2006, and served as a consultant , Intelligence analyst, and researcher for a variety of defense firms. She was named Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute in 2011.

Lopez said the global war on terror was an effort to “stay free of Shariah,” or repressive Islamic law, until Obama’s administration began siding with such jihadist groups as the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates.

Lopez believes that the Muslim Brotherhood has thoroughly infiltrated the Obama administration and other branches of the federal government.

One of the most outrageous of those appointments is Mohamed Elibiary, a senior member of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council.

According to a report by the Center for Security Policy, Elibiary supports brokering a U.S. Partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group. Two months ago, a firestorm erupted online after Elibiary tweeted that a ‘Caliphate’ was unavoidable and compared it to the European Union.

Clare broadly expounded, on video. It’s completely chilling:

That is all I expected to listen.

Here’s a later video in which she discusses digital fear mongering and why Trump is totally right:

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