KILL SHOT: Trump Just DESTROYED Top Dem McCaskill With Only Three Words

President Donald Trump just flew to Missouri today and said the 3 words that all the Democrats were praying he wouldn’t. During his rally, he told the crowd that if their Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill refuses Tax Reform, they need to:


President Trump made himself very clear when he looked out at the crowd of Missouri natives and told them,

“We must lower our taxes and your senator, Claire McCaskill, she must do this for you, and if she doesn’t, you have to vote her out of office.”

Honestly, y’all, it’s not just McCaskill that’s gotta go either. We need to hold all our senators and congressmen to the standard where, if they don’t work for the people they don’t get to keep their job.

McCaskill’s gotta learn that there’s plenty of other folks who would love to take that job from her and vote Republican. Take this Austin Petersen guy, for example. He’s challenging McCaskill for the Senate seat as a Republican next year and he’s a 100% constitutionalist.

Y’all also need to consider IF the bill they do vote on is enough to satisfy all the needs you got and if it’s enough to make up for years of failure. Either way, help share this out and let these politicians know that We the People are coming for them in 2018.