IT JUST HAPPENED! Unruly Dem Commits SICK Act Against Trump, Gives USA The Middle Finger

There’s dumb, then there’s downright idiotic.

Texas Rep. Al Green would fit into the latter category. (Yes, he’s a Democrat – as if you couldn’t put two and two together.)

Why is Green so nutty?

He just introduced articles of legislation to impeach President Trump. Is this guy for real?

The left cannot comprehend that Trump won because of Barack Obama’s failed foreign and domestic policies, not to mention his willingness to ignite racial tension. Instead, they choose to ignore while pleading ignorance.

From Fox News:

Liberal Democratic Rep. Al Green on Wednesday followed through on threats to file articles of impeachment against President Trump, introducing the resolution in the House while delivering an anti-Trump tirade on the floor.

The Texas congressman’s maneuver was short-lived. While Green could have forced a vote as early as Wednesday, he opted not to take further action and the articles effectively expired.

However, Green could reintroduce the measure at any time, and a spokesman for the lawmaker told Fox News he may do so.

Green said, “Today, I rise to use the constitutionally prescribed political process of impeachment to speak truth to the most powerful man on earth, the president of the United States of America.”

Green, while wasting his breath, says Trump is betraying “his trust as president” because he’s a racist. Could that be any farther from the truth?

Nope. Not a chance.

Green added, “The public has been led to believe that a president must commit a crime to be impeached, which is not true. If any president persisted with the lie that ‘Hitler was right,’ he would be, and should be, impeached not for a crime, but for betraying his trust as president.”


Liberals like Al Green are everything that’s wrong with America and there’s no two ways around it. Are you fed up? Then SHOW IT by commenting and sharing. Maybe then DC will get the message!