Former Presidential Chief Claims Ivanka And Melania Made An Effort To Prevent President Trump From Tweeting

Former Presidential chief of staff Reince Priebus confirmed that both Ivanka and Melania Trump have made an effort to stop President Trump from tweeting.

During a recent interview, Priebus gave an explanation to reporters, “I told him, ‘Some of it’s not helpful, it causes distraction. We can get thrown off our message by tweeting things that aren’t the issues of the day.’ ”

“Everybody tried at different times to cool down the Twitter habit — but no one could do it,” he added, as reported by PEOPLE. “Not me, Jared, Ivanka, Hope.”

Priebus also highlighted a specific moment in 2017 when the First Lady demanded the President to stop, right after he had delivered a joint address to Congress.

“After the joint session, we all talked to him and Melania said, ‘No tweeting,’” he recalled. “And he said, ‘OK — for the next few days.’ We had many discussions involving this issue. We had meetings in the residence. I couldn’t stop it.”

President Donald Trump recently held a speech concerning the school shooting in Florida but did not include the word “gun” during it. That same day he expressed his grief on Twitter about the tragic situation out of Florida.

According to CBS News, the President addressed to the nation from the Diplomatic Room of the White house, saying, “Today, I speak to a nation in grief. Yesterday, a school filled with innocent children and caring teachers became the scene of terrible violence, hatred and evil.”