EXPOSED: Anti-Trump FBI Agents’ Texts Have Just Been Revealed… This Is Even Worse Than Expected

Two different FBI agents assigned to the investigation surrounding President Trump’s campaign and Russian collusion exchanged text messages referring to the future president as an “idiot,” in a transcript of the messages which was turned over to Congress Tuesday night by the Justice Department.

One of the agents, Peter Strzok, was removed from the investigation team by Robert Muller “immediately” after learning of the texts in late July, the department said in a letter to lawmakers.

The other agent, Lisa Page had already ended her assignment to Mueller’s office by the time the text messages were discovered.

Copies of the messages obtained by POLITICO show the pair reacting to various developments as the presidential race unfolded and that their reaction to Trump was negative from early on.

“I just saw my first Bernie Sanders bumper sticker. Made me want to key the car,” Page wrote in an August 2015 exchange.

“He’s an idiot like Trump. Figure they cancel each other out,” Strzok replied.

These messages, which came up during the investigative process, are fueling Republican’s call for a special council investigation on the current investigation.

375 texts were turned over to Congress by the Justice Department. The exchanges show Page and Strzok mocking Trump as early as mid-2015.

Responding to a Washington Post story about Trump saying it hadn’t been proven that Russian President Vladimir Putin had killed anyone, Page wrote: “What an utter idiot.”

In a March 2016 message, Page exclaimed: “God trump is a loathsome human….omg he’s an idiot.”

“He’s awful,” replied Strzok.

The agents sometimes expressed respect or outright support for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“God Hillary should win 100,000,000 – 0,” Strzok wrote in March 2016, calling himself a “conservative Dem.”

“Also did you hear [Trump] make a comment about the size of his d*ck earlier? This man can not be president,” Page said later in the exchange.

Muller had no control of his team from the start, should he be investigated?