DOUBLE TROUBLE: Mueller Just Teamed Up With Top Dem To Do The UNTHINKABLE To Trump

There has been all kinds of talk since Day 1 about President Donald Trump “pardoning” himself or one of his supporters to sabotage the Russia investigation. Despite there being ZERO evidence that he would do that,

Despite there being ZERO evidence that he would do that, Special Investigator Robert Mueller just found a surefire way to rip the Presidential Pardon away from Trump.

Mueller is teaming up with the New York Attorney General to make Trump UNABLE to use his Presidential Pardons!
The reason this will work is because Trump, a New Yorker, could possibly be charged with a State-level crime by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Since Presidential Pardons only apply to federal crimes, he would be unable to use them.

Mueller and Schneiderman have already been sharing evidence and information with one another while running 2 parallel investigations into the President. If this seems like a shady tactic, it absolutely is.

Still, it’s important to remember that none of these little tricks of legality will amount to ANYTHING unless they can find real, indisputable evidence that Donald Trump “rigged” the 2016 elections with Russia.

What this DOES do, however, is give Jeff Session or Rod Rosenstein ANOTHER reason to Fire Bob Mueller for his clearly fishy tactics involving many top level dems including AG Schneiderman and 7 other big Democrat Donors he hired on to be lawyers for the investigation.

Is it time for Robert Mueller to be replaced as “Special Investigator” into Russia?