Dennis Rodman Just Did Something SUPER SECRET For Trump And The Media Won’t Show It

Former basketball star and colorful personality Dennis Rodman is now on his fifth visit to Pyongyang, but this time he brought some much needed Americana overseas to North Korea. Rodman, a friend of both President Trump and the 33-year old North Korean leader, had hoped to see Kim Jong Un on this most recent trip. Instead, Rodman met with North Korea’s minister of sports to offer gifts for Kim in his absence.

The former basketball all-star offered two autographed basketball jerseys, soap sets, a mermaid jigsaw puzzle, but most importantly, a copy of President Donald Trump’s bestselling book, “The Art of the Deal.”

Rodman could very well be working towards a mutual understanding with both men, as he has called President Trump “a great friend for many years” and Kim Jong Un a “friend for life.” These facts have created much speculation as to whether or not President Trump has been sending Rodman overseas as an emissary of sorts.

Rodman’s agent, Chris Volo, backed up the rumors during their visit.

“He’s the only person on the planet that has the uniqueness, the unbelievable privilege of being friends with President Trump and Marshal Kim Jong Un,” Said Volo. “He’s going to try to bring peace between both nations.”

It’s hard to argue the positives of a mutual friend between our President and North Korean leaders. If this has been President Trump’s plan from the beginning – and he indeed did send Rodamn – then it will only speak to our Commander-In-Chief’s unique and forward-thinking ideas.

Hopefully, Kim Jong-un reads our President’s manual for success and finds a way to work together with our country for a peaceful future. Share this everywhere and show the world what Trump seems to do be doing for America!