Cecile Richards Gets Smart About Trump On Twitter, Ben Shapiro Instantly ANNIHILATES Her

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards got smart about the Trump administration on Twitter Thursday evening, and Ben Shapiro was having absolutely none of it.

Richards tweeted about a leaked memo by the administration, saying that they “wanted to move ‘natural family planning’—like the rhythm method.”

She went on:

“You know what we call people who practice the rhythm method?


Here’s the tweets (via Twitchy):


Oh, mother of God, parents?! So is THAT what happens when you have sex?

Shapiro instantly owned her because, well, he’s Ben Shapiro.

Check it out:


Shapiro has made a name for himself amongst pro-lifers for his spitfire arguments against abortion.

Here’s a clip:

From there, it just got straight brutal:



Twitter users caught on to another oversight in Richards’ tweet as well—wouldn’t referring to a pregnant woman imply that the mass of cells in her womb is… a baby?

They nailed it:



Science is hard, Cecile. We get it.


Wave buh-bye, Cecile. Wave buh-bye.