Here Are The Brutal Attacks At Trump Right After He Let 10 Year-Old Boy Mow WH Lawn

Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that 11-year-old Frank would be coming to the White House to cut the grass. After the then 10-year-old Frank offered to cut the grass for free, our president happily accepted his proposal.


Frank’s letter stated:

Unfortunately even this good deed done by a 10-year-old can’t even slide by without any criticism.

For example, Gary Legum of Independent Journal Review’s claimed that Donald Trump was encouraging “child labor laws.”

IMPEACH HIM! – Trump Violates Child Labor Law for Photo Op

— Gary Legum (@GaryLegum) September 15, 2017

Oh please, take a look at other Twitter reactions:

Lol still employing child labor even in the White House. Guess it’s not limited to the 6 year olds that make his and Ivanka’s clothes.

— Casey Thomas Snyder (@caseynotkc4) September 15, 2017

Not sending a great signal on child labor, minimum wage & occupational safety >> Trump White House lets a 10-year-old volunteer mow its lawn

— Steven Greenhouse (@greenhousenyt) September 15, 2017

Now Trump is promoting child labor. Yay!

— Fyodor Dostoyevsky (@presidouche) September 15, 2017

Guess Trump doesn’t understand about child labor laws

— Jules (@BaittyJulie) September 15, 2017

Child labor is a big Trump thing. Nice to see you didnt outsource this job.

— PaulaInTulsaOK (@PaulaInTulsaOK) September 15, 2017

Ivanka is not the only trump who prefers child labor

— MFB (@stamishinc) September 15, 2017

This is sickening.

Mowing the White House lawn was this little boy’s wish.

Do you think liberals are pure evil?