BREAKING: John McCain Just Got the WORST News of His Career, It’s All Over for Him!

Arizona Senator John McCain was not expecting to hear this news, although he shouldn’t be too surprised.

Due to constantly lashing out at President Donald Trump and virtually acting like a liberal, McCain is now more popular with Democrats than he is Republicans.

Imagine that!

The Hill has the scoop:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is better liked by Democrats than by those in his own party, according to a new poll that shows Republicans holding an overall negative view of the veteran GOP senator.

Forty-four percent of Republicans surveyed in the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released Wednesday hold a negative view of McCain, while only 35 percent have a positive view of him. Meanwhile, 52 percent of Democrats surveyed now see him in a positive light.

Overall, 43 percent of survey respondents had a favorable view of McCain and 28 percent a negative one.


This is what you deserve, John. You’ve acted like a horse’s behind for long enough.

H/T: Twitchy