Brazille Accidentally Exposes Unfathomable Cover Up Campaign For Hillary By The Liberal Medias

Donna Brazille is publishing a book detailing what she calls turmoil in the democratic party during the 2016 election and Hillary Clinton campaign. A main point she touches on as to why Hillary’s campaign was doomed from the start is the fact that Hillary Clinton’s health is not great, and had she won, she might have had to have been replaced mid-term.

So what? She didn’t win, why does this matter? it’s important because it details the bias that exists in mainstream media. Trump made public the fact that Hillary Clinton had poor health and people were under the assumption that it was just an attack against Clinton, but now a member of her own party makes the same claims, and it makes headlines of major news outlets.

The fact that no news media outlet was willing to report on Hillary Clinton’s health is less a problem of sloppy reporting and more of a problem of that major media outlets do less coverage of Hillary Clinton and more covering up of Hillary Clinton.

Ask yourself this: how is it possible that major democratic leaders were having conversations about replacing Hillary Clinton mid election due to health reasons, and none of the thousands of reporters who were responsible for election coverage reported on it?

The answer is that if the media is impartial, it’s not possible. The narrative of the media for the entire election was, make Hillary win and Trump lose, so any information about Trump that was unflattering made headlines, while anything Hillary was involved in, including the Uranium One deal and the Russian dossier, was swept under the rug.

The bias that exists in the media is very apparent and very unfair. Hillary Clinton has been receiving privileged citizen status for way too long, it’s time to see her for what she really is.