BOOM: Parkland Teacher Who Called Pro-Gun Student Kyle Kashuv ‘Next Hitler’ Gets HORRIBLE News

The history teacher at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida who called pro-gun student Kyle Kashuv the “next Hitler” is now under investigation.

According to Fox News, hitory teacher Gregory Pittman is being investigated by the school for saying Kashuv — a Jewish student — supporting gun rights is equally as “dangerous” as the German dictator who killed more than six million innocent people.

Here’s more from Fox News:

Officials at the Florida school where 17 students were gunned down during a mass shooting on Valentine’s Day are investigating allegations a teacher compared pro-Second Amendment student Kyle Kashuv to “Hitler” and called him “dangerous.”

“School leaders take all matters involving students and staff seriously,” Broward County Public Schools spokeswoman Nadine Drew told Fox News. “They are aware of the allegations and are looking into the matter.”

In our opinion, this teachers comments deserve more than investigation, but an IMMEDIATE suspension until further notice. However, the investigation is at least a good start.

It all started when Kashuv posted two photos of himself on Twitter at a gun range with his father. In the photos, which can be seen below, Kashuv can be seen following proper safety guidelines and acting responsibly with a firearm. He also wrote that it was important to preserve and protect the Second Amendment.


Pittman, who reportedly hates right to bear arms and is vehemently against the Second Amendment, was completely triggered by Kashuv’s photos.

Several students in his history class said he went on a verbal rampage against Kushuv, saying his support for the right to bear arms is equally as sickening as Hitler killing more than six million innocent people during World War II.

Kashuv is also Jewish, and his father is a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces. This makes Pittman’s comments far, far worse than many originally realized.

After exchanging a handful of tweets on Twitter with Kashuv, Pittman reportedly told his class a few days later that Kashuv is bad, compared him to Hitler, and said he is very dangerous because he visited a gun range with his father.

A student in the class said Pittman was very angry while going into a bombastic diatribe against Kashuv, which reportedly lasted more than 10 minutes.

“It was basically a hate fest,” one student said. “They were just saying means things about Kyle. He talked about how he was right, and how Kyle was making an ass of himself. He did say he ‘was the Hitler type.’ I don’t really know what that means exactly, but I think he was just being crazy.”

The teacher called Kashuv ‘dangerous’ numerous times. Kashuv wasn’t in class that day, but he responded on Twitter by saying he found it vile that Pittman would call a Jewish person the next Hitler.

He also blasted Pittman’s incompetence, saying a history teacher should know that Hitler took people’s weaponry. Kashuv said he is in favor of more law-abiding citizens owning firearms.


Following the mass shooting at the high school that killed 17 people in February, Kashuv’s profile has been greatly elevated. While the liberal media has fawned over the anti-gun students, Kashuv has been praised for standing in defense of the Second Amendment.

It’s absolutely sickening that Pittman not only used such vile language about Kashuv for supporting the Constitution, many would agree he should be fired for comparing a Jewish student to Hitler.

What to do you think should happen to Pittman for his disgusting remarks? Comment below.