BETRAYED: Elizabeth Warren Just Stared Into The Camera And Drove A Knife Through Hillary’s Back

The Democrats had an exciting day Thursday after former interim Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile came forward to give evidence that the Hillary Clinton campaign rigged the 2016 primary in Hillary’s favor.

For anyone who was paying attention last year, these revelations come as no surprise.

The DNC’s own hacked emails had already indicated some very shady dealings towards the Sanders’ campaign. But it’s good to at least have some confirmation and to see the Democrats fracture under infighting.

Case in point: Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Warren was being interviewed by CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday. Tapper asked her one question before the interview wrapped up:

“Very quickly senator, do you agree with the notion that it was rigged?”

Warren’s reply was immediate and firm:


Watch it here and see for yourself:

OUCH. Warren has some serious capital on the left, and if she is turning on Hillary, the DNC, and their leadership, things are going to start looking really bad for the Democrats.

Frankly, I couldn’t be happier.

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(h/t Washington Examiner)